Industrial Film & Sheet
Industrial Films & Sheets

We provide various kinds of industrial films such as PET Film, PC Film, PI Film, PE film; by following customer requirements.

Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

We provide many types of adhesive tapes such as Single sided tape, Double sided tape, and PET Release Liner for all kinds of manufacturing processes with high level of application performance.

Media Film & Paper
Media Films & Papers

We provide Digital printing films for media application with the best coating solution to support many kinds of usages in media production area such as Billboard, Light box, Display Panel, etc.

bonding adhesive
UV/Visible Light Curing Adhesives, Light Curing Systems, and Dispensing Equipment

We provide light-curable adhesives, coatings, oligomers, light-curing equipment, and fluid dispense systems that work together to optimize assembly processes.

Medical Packaging products
Medical Packaging products

We provide sterilization products for medical use and soft packaging.

Personal Care
Personal Care Ingredient

We provide specialty modify starch to Personal Care industry for enhancing product properties & also offer green concept with cost saving to our customers.